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Host of Friends of a Feather Podcast

UGH. There is so much discouragement out there! You don’t even have to LOOK for it! But,I’ve solved that problem for you! Every single week, I invite friends come on the podcast to share their encouraging God stories with you. Every Friday YOU will walk away encouraged!

I had an unforgettable moment 4 years ago when I was driving home from my part- time job teaching Kindergarten. I was listening to someone’s podcast and I felt God bringing to mind friends’ names who had amazing stories. I knew those stories needed to be shared on my own podcast.

Excited to be your go-to encouragement for the week!



What an uplifting podcast! I feel like I’m sitting with a friends! I’ve teared up and giggled in quite a few of these and I can’t wait to continue listening. Great job, Wren!
— Victoria Bobo, Podcast Listener




Excited to share more of my friends’
stories with you each & every week!


Some of my favorites shops that I love and have purchased from.


Hear my heart and read more about
what God is teaching me.