ep. 74: Jess Roberts Finding Hope Through Loss

This episode, ya'll. My friend, Holly sent me a message me one day and said, "Wren. You have got to hear Jess’s story." After Jess had spoken at a Veterans Day event, Holly immediately went up to encourage her. Holly connected Jess and myself and I’m so grateful for Holly knowing what an impact Jess will make, and that she has been an encouragement for Jess to share. Jess has only spoken in public a few other times and I’m so grateful she entrusted me in sharing her story with you today.

Jess takes me back to her life of searching for her identity as a young preteen girl, and how she kept coming up feeling empty throughout her life. One morning, after putting her five month old baby girl in her swing for a nap, Jess was devastated with a knock on the door with the news that her first husband, Tell had been killed in action while he was stationed in Iraq. God used a sympathy card filled with verses from a friend she hardly knew that drew Jess to God’s word. In her desperation, Jess found a Bible in her home and dove in head first into reading the scriptures. In this episode you will hear how Jess came to faith in Christ after visiting with a friend at his church. This friend eventually became her husband, a man who passionately loved God and those around him.

This is what Jess said about her story. “Today, I am a mess. But, oh the treasure of Christ. I am seen…a life of feeling unseen and bitter about it. So bitter. Now, God reminds me daily to Whom I belong and there is redemption. There is a breaking of the chain of misaffection and misplaced identity. And, I hope to share that with other women.”

Ya’ll Jess is using all of her story to glorify Him. And, I’m so grateful. I pray you will walk away encouraged, feeling seen and loved by God, and praising God who redeems us.

All of the links and things Jess and I talked about will be in the show notes below. Ok, One more thing! If you were encouraged by what you heard today, I would love for you to forward this episode on to a friend! I think that we are all better together and today is the perfect time to give that friend in mind some encouragement.


Book Jess is reading:

For the Glory by Eric Liddell

Books Jess recommends for widows:

The Path of Loneliness by Elisabeth Elliot

A Path through Suffering by Elisabeth Elliot

Military Widow: A Survival Guide by Joanne M Steen and M. Regina Asaro


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