Ep. 86: Mini episode: Introduction to Summer Series on the Enneagram
introA summer series.PNG

Enjoy this five minute episode to introduce you to the Summer Series coming June the 7th! Each Friday in June and July, I will be featuring the first annual Summer Series on the Friends of a Feather Podcast! I am thrilled that my friend, Michelle Dyer will be coming back on the podcast to give us some great content on each Enneagram Type.

Three things to do before meeting me back on the podcast June 7th.

1) Take a FREE Enneagram test. Here is the link that Michele Dyer recommends to take HERE

2) Pray and ask God to speak to you as you listen to the episodes each week.

3) Subscribe to the Friends of a Feather Podcast HERE to get the episodes to automatically drop into your podcast app on your phone.

I am SO excited for this series! It’s almost here!!!