The fingerprints of God
Look for the Fingerprints of God  in your story.PNG

My friend, Stacey gave me a sweet gift for Christmas in 2012. She stamped the words, faith and hope on both sides of a cute little ceramic bird. She made it herself and enclosed it with the sweetest note!! I couldn't bear to pack it away with all the other Christmas decorations. So, I hung it on my bathroom cabinet...I looked at it everyday and was reminded of the faith and hope that we were receiving in our walk through infertility. Even now, after a few moves, the birds hangs from my lamp in my office.

If you look at this photo closely, you can see her fingerprints in the clay. Sweet. I was reminded of the Steven Curtis Chapman oldie but a goodie, "The Fingerprints of God." The song is about how we can have an accurate and a healthy self worth, because God created us!! He created ME! He created YOU! We are all made in God's image.

But, then I started thinking a little bit further.

Were the fingerprints of God on our whole journey of infertility? Yes.

Was there pain, disappointment, and tears? Yes to all of the above.

But, there were so many sweet confirmations knowing that God's fingerprints have been all over it! There were answers to prayer, there was provision financially from God to cover medical costs, there was growth spiritually and emotionally, and the prayer/support that unfolded was absolutely amazing.

Yes, we saw the fingerprints of God.

Here more about our story on Ep. 50 of the Friends of a Feather Podcast when Jim joins me on the podcast!