Delay not denial
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One August afternoon, when I was teaching Kindergarten, I was standing at a carpool cone ready to help a little munchkin get into their car after their day,. I had to do a double take when I looked at the SUV who pulled up to the cone in front of mine.. The blue rectangular bumper sticker caught my eye when it said, "God's delay is not God's denial"

What you need to know is during the time of walking through infertility in 2011, I taught at a Christian school, and the teachers and faculty worked closely together and friendships budded throughout my time there. Every morning during our daily prayer time, we encouraged each other, shared with each other, and we would pray for each other. The principal at the time had been very well acquainted with my story and someone I count as a personal friend. I shared with her what I had seen on that bumper sticker. It was a specific word from the Lord to me and I knew it.

A couple of weeks go by and after going to the doctor one Monday morning, we had received a not so great update after doing a fertility treatment that cycle. I head to work, crying. And, hubby heads to work and texts me this quote: God's delay is not God's denial. I'm like, "oh, how sweet...he is repeating that cool quote I told him about (from the other day) to encourage me!..he really does listen to me even when I seem to talk on and on and on!

HOWEVER, two days later, hubby and i get home from church and I told him I was happy to get his text about the meaningful quote. I went on to say how neat it was that he had written the quote down after I had shared it with him the other day after seeing in carpool. But, he said that I had never shared the quote with him...he had seen it on an SUV as he was leaving the dr.'s office the previous monday.

Also what you need to know about my husband is how close he pays attention to details.

He said, the bumper sticker was on a white Toyota Forerunner, right?

I said, yes, blue bumper sticker with white writing?

he said, yep.

God had placed the same car with that bumper sticker to speak to hubby that day on the road in East Memphis and then to me hours later in the carpool line.

Dear friend, take heart. God's delay is NOT God's denial. Not in your life, not in mine. He cares for you, he loves you and He sees what you are walking through today.

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