4 Books to Read wIth Your Kids
  1. My Only Child, There is No One Like You by Kevin Leman:

This is the sweetest book I read to my son, who is an only child. In the story the bear is an only child and his parents show him what great unique characteristics he has to celebrate.. It’s precious and my son enjoyed it!

The author, Kevin Leman is a popular birth-order expert. I have heard him on the Focus on the Family podcast many times and have read some of his parenting books. (Bonus: He’s HILARIOUS!)

2. Colorful: Celebrating the Colors God Gave Us by Dorena Williamson:

This precious book shows how God made each one of us differently and how creative He is! Dorena tells the story of two friends who have different skin colors and how we can celebrate each color that God created us to be! A MUST READ with your children. I bought this book to read over and over with my son. We love it!

The Story of Me by Stan and Brenna Jones

This is a really great book that I have read many times with my son. One thing that I love about it is how age appropriate it is when starting to open the conversation up with your young children about sex.

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures, Jr. by Kristen A. Jenson

This is a great book as well to prepare young eyes for what they may see out in the world. After walking through the Birds & Bees Curriculum two times this past Spring, I have a deeper knowledge of the conversations that I can have trickled in to our daily life. I have felt empowered after reading this book in addition to the B & B Curriculum. A great resource!

Happy Reading!