ep. 72 Michele Dyer: All Things Enneagram

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Ok!  Let’s get to today’s episode! 

Today’s episode is with my guest Michele Dyer.  Michele is a wife, mom to 2 boys, a Christian Leadership Coach and a Certified Behavior Specialist. Michele loves discovering new ways to help others identify their life’s calling and mission. 

Michele also cherishes her role as wife and mom. She and her husband John have been married since 1997, they have two boys, Alec and Caedon. Though she’s about to be an empty-nester, she’s about to figure this "parenting thing" out, and to help other mom’s “crack the code” of parenting each child according to their natural bent.  After our conversation, I told Michele she needed to write a book on parenting!  Such wisdom she gives in this episode! 

I am thrilled to have Michele join me as my guest today because we dive into two things I’m passionate about: encouraging women to discover the talents God has gifted them with, to put them into practice and how we can use personality tests as a tool in doing so. 

 You may be an Enneagram enthusiast or you may be just shaking your head, but I promise, there is something for everyone in this episode! You will learn so much about parenting, how the Enneagram personality point system can help you identifty your strengths and how God can walk with you through your weaknesses, how we can use personality tests in marriage, so much more!   I enjoyed our conversation so much and I know you will too! 

Show Notes:

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Her fav snack: Bell Vita bar

Books Michele Recommends:

Different Children, Different Needs by Charles Boyd

The Road Back to You by Ian Cron

Self to Lose, Self to Find by Marilyn Voncil

More by Todd Wilson 

FREE Enneagram test Michele suggests

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