Ep. 75: Top 10 with Wren: Ways to Celebrate Easter
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Hey friends!  I'm so excited that Spring weather has been coming and that means Summer is around the bend!

So glad you are here!  I pray this is the place where you will be encouraged by hearing God stories from my friends that I share.  Every time you download an episode of the Friends of a Feather Podcast, I want for you to feel seen by God, to feel encouraged in your daily life, and be spurred on to honor Him with the gifts and talents He has given you.  If this is the first time you've tuned in or if you've been joining in for a while, you are certainly welcome here, friend!

We will have a brand new episode for you next week. But, today, it's a Top Ten with Wren episode! I love these episodes because I love sharing ideas that are easy, practical and intentional! After the next few minutes, you will have 10 great Easter ideas to make this Easter a very meaningful time for you and your family.  

OK, here we gooooo!!


10: The Story of Hunger: FREE study by Caroline Saunders. I know before I do anything fun or intentional with my son, I want my heart to be in the right place. So, in order to prepare your heart and mine for this Easter season, my friend, Caroline Saunders has written an amazing study to get our hearts ready. It’s totally free and if you go to this link, you can download your own copy. Mine is printed and ready to begin on April 7th, but feel free to start reading at any time!

9. Resurrection Eggs: Each plastic egg has a small item that is a symbol of part of the story of Jesus’ last days on earth. For tactile learners, this is a MUST HAVE for your little ones to play with at Easter. I bought mine at our church’s bookstore a few years ago, but Amazon can have it delivered to your door fast.

8. Crystal Shrine Grotto: If you are local to Memphis, there is a very neat man made cave called the Crystal Shrine Grotto. It is crafted out of stone of scenes of depictions of Jesus’s life. We used to take our Kindergarteners on a field trip there and it was my favorite one. It’s free of charge and open daily from 8-4. Worth a trip.

7. Flower giving: My mom introduced me to this a few years ago. My mom buys small flowers, ties a ribbon around each plant and takes my 6 year old around with her to the neighbors on her street and wishes them a Happy Easter. Some do not believe the same way we do and may not celebrate Easter, but they love it! They love seeing Easton, they love feeling special, and I love this idea. My mom has been doing this with him ever since he was a toddler and I love this tradition. A very practical way to show love to our neighbors!

6. A Storybook Easter:: My friend, Courtney has a neat way to use her beautiful lettering and design to draw our hearts closer to Christ. Each card has a a Bible verse and how many days until Easter written on it and on the bottom of each card is which story in the Bible to read that day. Paired with the Jesus Storybook Bible, this is an excellent resource for us to center our children’s focus on Jesus at Easter. I just ordered my set last night! In order to begin this in time for Easter, order by April 1st:) They are on sale too from $20 to $16!! Visit Crew & Co to order your set and tell Courtney, Wren sent you! PS Not an ad, I just really love this product and want to share it! I paid cash money for mine;)

5. Easter books: A great way to celebrate Easter with your children is to find a couple of good books that talk about what Easter is about from your local Library. Our church has an excellent Library and Bookstore, so between the two, I can usually find plenty of resources, but of course, Amazon is our friend as well! Some of my favorite Easter books are: The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs, The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt are two of my favorites.

4. Easter Lunch: Find a neighbor who is single or a widow or someone who is not close to family over for Lunch on Easter Sunday. Even if they do not come to your home, they will feel so very special at the invitation.

3. You’ve Been Egged: I saw this on Pinterest and I thought it was a super fun idea! Fill 12 plastic eggs up with candy, stickers, and quarters, but keep one empty. Hide them in the front yard of your friends or neighbors yard with kids. Leave this sign on their door and run! Go to Happy Home Fairy to get the free printable.

2. Lambs: A family tradition my parents started when I was in elementary school was to give me a small stuffed animal lamb in my Easter basket each year. My mom would write the date in Sharpie on the tag. In my room, I displayed them all on a shelf on the wall. And, now my mom is passing my lambs down the small lambs to Easton. I love this tradition and memories.

1. Resurrection Rolls: This is a really FUN easy activity you can do with your children on Easter morning or maybe the night before. Put a marshmallow in a rolled up cresent roll, bake and marshmallow melts showing that Jesus has risen! Recipe here.

A lot of NEW things coming up that I cannot WAIT to share with ya’ll!! Next week, I’ll announce one of them, so tune in to the podcast then! I may give a few little hints over on Instagram about the second one over the next couple of weeks, so I’d love for you to join us over there as well! Check out the show notes at wrenrobbins.com/podcast to get all of the Top 10 info!





Be encouraged!


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