Ep. 78: Val Woerner: Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

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It’s episode 78 and my guest is Valerie Woerner. I remember ‘meeting’ Val through a DM on Instagram a few years ago. Val has a heart for women knowing God’s truth, and she is so relatable and real. Today on the podcast, Val and I talk about her new book that is coming out April 9, next week! I am reading it and let me just tell you, I have underlined so much of it, I‘m like Val, you are writing about me! I have followed along with her since first meeting on instagram and have since been able to interview her along with her twin sister about their God stories. If you missed hearing their stories, with Val and Nat on episodes 46 and 47. Enjoy listening.


Find Val online on: Instagram, Val Marie Paper

What Val is Eating: Spicy Cajun Taters

What Val is Reading: When People are Big & God is Small

What Val is Loving: Being a home with her girls

Buy Val’s NEW book: Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday

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