Ep. 92: Enneagram Six: The Loyalist

Welcome to the Summer Series on the Podcast! We are hearing from Michele Dyer, Behavioral Specialist, Leadership Coach and trainer. Michele is pulling back the curtain on the Enneagram and you are gonna love it! I have heard so many great things from my listeners from these first few episodes so let’s jump in to the sixth Enneagram type, The Loyalist. Thanks for joining in!

The Book I mentioned about the Enneagram: The Road Back to You by Ian Cron and Suzanne Stabile

Book Michele recommends: The Spiritual Rhythms to the Enneagram by Adele and Doug Calhoun and also Suzanne’s podcast: The Enneagram Journey. I have listened to MANY episodes and it is an INCREDIBLE podcast.

The prayer journal I mentioned on this episode: Val Marie Paper. (affiliate link)

Here is the link for the Enneagram test that Michele recommends to take HERE. Or, no need to do that, just start listening and I think you’ll be able to figure out your personality type after hearing the episodes in this great series.

Michele has launched her new web site and community called, Enneamom. Michele will lead us all with encouragement and strategies in our parenting roles using the Enneagram. Michele also is known for her one-on-one coaching. YES!! You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Linked in

or email her at: michele@teaminsights.org

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