Ep 98: Mycah Hunter: Walking through PCOS
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It’s the 98th episode!!!! I can’t believe it! I’m so excited about this years fall lineup. I have invited some incredible women to share their God stories with you. You will hear words from these women that will encourage, inspire, and realize you are not alone. Click on the blue SUBSCRIBE button so that NEW weekly encouraging episodes will drop right into your Podcast app! Easy Peasy!

My guest today is Mycah Hunter who is a lifestyle blogger, wife, mother to Lively, and Christ follower. She blogs over at Home Sweet Hunter sharing helpful healthy recipes and grace from her garden. On this episode we talk about Mycah’s story of finding out she had PCOS and then trying to get pregnant only to have the medicine Mycah and her husband thought would work to help her conceive did not give the results they were wanting. Seeking the Lord’s direction and continuing her own research, Mycah was led to a Holistic Nutritionist. We talk about what Mycah learned about the character of God during that difficult time of attending baby showers of friends and family. God was gracious and gifted Mycah and her husband a baby girl, Lively.

I couldn’t wait to ask Mycah about her eating choices that she makes and I really enjoyed her Chicken Fried Rice made out of cauliflower the other night! It was so yummy and super healthy! Here’s her post. I’ve already texted it to a friend!

What Mycah is:

Eating: Go Raw Lemon Cookie Crisps

Reading: Grumpy Mom Takes a Holiday & The Unsaved Christian

Loving: being Mom to Lively

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